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IRS Clarifies Treatment of Transportation Fringe Benefits for Tax-Exempt Employers

The IRS recently released subsequent guidance on an issue we discussed in a previous Our Thoughts On article (see here). In late March, the agency updated

IRS Releases FAQs on Family Medical Leave Act Credit

The IRS recently posted to its website FAQs regarding the new Internal Revenue Code Section 45S, "Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave"

How Do You Measure the Success of Your Retirement Plan?

This article was co-written by Miles Gibson. There can never be enough questions for your Investment Committee to ask as it reviews your organization’s

Slowdown in International Enrollments Affecting U.S. Colleges and Universities

Many higher education institutions have their financial challenges these days, thanks in part to a saturated market, an increase in online education programs
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Three May Be Better Than Four

With many potential college students and their families questioning the necessity and benefit of committing four years of time and money to earn an undergraduate

Higher Education: So Many Costs, But Not All Qualify for Each of the Tax Benefit Programs

With multiple credits/deductions/education savings programs available to those of us with children in college, it’s confusing to know which costs

Will Higher Education Prosper from the PROSPER Act?

Last week, while most Americans were following Congress’ latest actions on tax reform, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and

Changes Expected in Early 2018 for Applications of Exempt Organizations

Sunita Lough, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax-Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division stated recently that changes will
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Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in society by providing services and grants that support a wide range of initiatives in fields such as medicine,

Tax Implications of Senate's Version of Tax Reform for Exempt Organizations

Keith Donnelly also contributed to this article. On November 9, 2017, the Senate Finance Committee released policy highlights of their version of the “Tax
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