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Internal Controls for Not-For-Profits

Learn more about improvements to internal controls to mitigate and reduce the risk of fraud for non-profits.

Exempt Organizations: Do We File Schedule B or Not?

Learn about the filing options available to Tax-exempt organizations including Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors.

Guidance Provided for Organizations Claiming Credit for UBIT Paid on Repealed Tax

On December 20, H.R. 1865 - Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 was signed into law, retroactively repealing Code §512(a)(7) of the Internal

Fake Charities in the Wake of the Australia Wildfires

The devastating fires in Australia have become a worldwide concern, and people are looking to donate to charities aimed at helping with the crisis. Unfortunately,
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Tax-Exempt Organizations Receiving an Increased Number of IRS Notices

Within the past month, we’ve seen a significant number of tax-exempt organizations receive notices from the IRS for a multitude of reasons, many
Not-for-Profit, Tax
Sarah Piot | 12.18.2019

Potential Change to the Private Foundation Excise Tax Rate

On December 17, the House of Representatives passed the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2019. The bill includes a provision to eliminate

Is California Regulating the Barrel to Eliminate the Spoiled Apple?

Does one rotten apple actually spoil the whole barrel? According to science, the answer is yes and according to the California legislature, the answer

Watch Your Credit Cards! Expense Reimbursement Fraud at a Not-For-Profit Organization

Frequently, internal controls at not-for-profit organizations depend primarily on the integrity of their employees. Sometimes these employees lose sight
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Current and Forecasted Conditions Play Havoc with Higher Ed Revenue Growth

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of high school graduates in the Northeast and Midwest is projected to decrease between

Decline in Charitable Giving

After years of growth, many tax experts thought 2018 would show a decrease in charitable giving, especially among individuals who are part of the middle
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