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Numerous Tax Extenders Friendly to the Real Estate Industry

Several key tax provisions contained in the recently passed Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act) are particularly favorable to the
Real Estate, Tax
Ryan Broze | 1.11.2016

Partnerships: Congress Has Them In Its Sights

Over the past many years, Congress has grown concerned about the low audit rates for partnerships. In recent years, the Department of Treasury and the
Real Estate
Trevor Warren | 12.21.2015

Q4 2015 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

On November 24, 2015 the National Association of Realtors released its Q4 2015 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. Some of the highlights noted in the report
Real Estate, Tax
Megan Leo | 12.11.2015

Passive Activity Losses Related to Real Estate Activities

Generally speaking, passive activities result from a business activity in which you do not materially participate. Any losses resulting from passive activities
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Residential Land Developers and the Completed Contract Method of Accounting

Under IRC Section 460(e), taxpayers that have large home construction contracts could defer taxable income until 95% of estimated costs have been incurred.
Real Estate, Tax
Ryan Broze | 11.18.2015

Recap of Current Trends in Real Estate Transactions

November 13, 2015 – It was a perfect morning for a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, home fries and an old fashion cup of Joe. This wasn’t the

Housing Industry 2015 Mid-Year Update

Until the recent shake-up in the stock market, the economy seemed to be moving along pretty well during the first half of 2015, including the residential

Items to Consider in Lease Negotiations

When entering into a commercial lease agreement, there are a few common mistakes made in the negotiation process that are avoidable, and could be impactful
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Ninth Circuit Decision Raises the Home Mortgage Limit on Property That is Co-Owned by Unmarried Individuals

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed a Tax Court decision (Voss v. Commissioner) and concluded, contrary to the Internal Revenue Service’s

Purchasing or Selling a Beach Home in Florida

In a recent Tax Court Memorandum decision (TC Memo 2015-95), a married couple was not entitled to deduct a loss on the sale of a seasonal home because
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