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Turn a Sales and Use Tax Assessment into a Refund of Overpayments

Has the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue notified you of a pending sales and use tax audit? Have you ever received an assessment from the Bureau of Audits?

Immediate and Upcoming Connecticut Tax Changes

As part of the state’s biennial budget, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed both H.B. 7061 and S.B. 1502, which contain various corporate income

Pennsylvania Budget Update - PA Still Without a Budget

Pennsylvanians who have been following the budget negotiations between the Republican-controlled legislature and the Democrat Governor, Tom Wolf, are hardly

Nevada Looks to Hit Jackpot with Commerce Tax

Nevada has long been considered a tax haven of sorts due to its business-friendly laws and minimal state-level taxes. All of that may have changed, however,
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Does a Service Based Economy Justify Expanding the Sales Tax Base to Services?

As Ohio and Pennsylvania currently debate their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, governors John Kasich of Ohio and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania have proposed,

State Estate Taxes - Relief Is on the Way

With enactment of the taxpayer-friendly federal estate tax rules in 2012,1 a growing number of states are offering estate tax relief. The estate tax is

Pennsylvania Education Tax Credit Update

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has issued Informational Notice Miscellaneous Tax 2015-01 (“Notice”) that addresses taxpayer questions

Governor Wolf's Proposed Corporate and Personal Income Tax Changes

Newly elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf released his initial budget proposal, and as anticipated, it contains several modifications to Commonwealth's
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Pennsylvania Budget - Proposed Sales Tax Changes

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced his budget to the joint session last week and proposed an increase to the state sales tax rate and an expanded

Governor Wolf Releases Pennsylvania New Budget Proposals

Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf announced his new budget proposals. While ambitious, the proposals held few surprises to anyone who followed his campaign
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