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Introduction to The American Jobs Plan and The Made in America Tax Plan

Learn more about the newly proposed American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion infrastructure spending plan for the next decade announced during a presentation in Pittsburgh.

2021 Standard Mileage Rates

Learn more about the 2021 standard mileage rates released by the IRS.
Kirk Mitchell | 3.17.2021

IRS Extends Federal Individual Tax Filing Deadline. State deadlines to follow?

Learn more about the IRS extension for individual tax filing season by 1 month until May 17, 2021.
Courtney Davies | 3.15.2021

IRS Releases Section 4960 Final Regulations

Learn more about the recently released IRS Section 4960 Final Regulations related to the limited-hours exception.
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Construction Industry Opportunities for Extended Employee Retention Credit

Read more about the possible extension of the Employee Retention Credit and how it could be great news for all qualifying businesses, especially those in the construction industry.

Nonresident Taxpayers May Be Eligible for Refunds of Ohio Tax for Gain on the Sale of a Business Interest

Learn more about The Ohio Supreme Court’s decision which led the Ohio Department of Taxation to issue refunds to nonresident taxpayers who have previously paid tax on the capital gain from the sale of a business interest that is conducted within the state.

IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities Program Letter for 2021

Learn more about how the IRS' Tax Exempt & Government Entities division laid out its main priorities for the new year in their annual program letter.

Pennsylvania Hospitality Industry Receives Assistance in Pa. COVID-19 Spending Bill

Learn more about the PA Senate Bill 109 signed into law to assist the Hospitality Industry and who benefits from this bill including qualifications to submit.
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Importance of Foreign Corporations Filing Form 1120F

Form 1120F is filed by foreign corporations in order to report income, deductions and credits to determine its U.S. tax liability. Generally, all foreign

Private Foundation Mandatory E-Filing of Form 4720: Delayed!

Learn more about how the IRS has delayed the mandatory e-filing of Form 4720 for private foundations.
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