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Bob Whalen | 3.24.2016

The Apps That Keep Me Organized: Smart Phone Apps to Manage Your Work Life

As the winter season comes to an end and the spring season starts, so goes for my kids and their youth sport seasons. I reminisce on how much technology

A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently published a special edition of its quarterly FDIC Consumer News, titled “A Bank Customer's

Don't Let Ransomware Hold You or Your Company Hostage

Ransomware attacks, where cyber hackers hold your systems and data hostage until you pay a ransom, have been increasing in popularity recently and are
Tax, Technology
Mike Winsko | 12.15.2015

Internet Domain Names: Capitalization or Amortization?

In a recently issued Chief Counsel Advice Memorandum (CCA 201543014), the IRS has concluded that costs incurred by a taxpayer to acquire internet domain

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Understanding Procurement Cards Benefits and Pitfalls

As organizations look to gain a better handle on their procurement process, provide an additional level of control and help to either control or reduce

From the Classroom to the Recording Studio: How Universities May Use the Flipped Classroom Concept

For many of us, the thought of college classes conjures up images of lecture halls, professors speaking from podiums, and chalkboards full of definitions
Karen Frank | 9.29.2015

Streamlining Your Purchase Order Process: From Requisitions to Accounts Payable

It is more important than ever to control job costs. Mismanagement can jeopardize both cash flow and profits. To avoid these risks, many companies use

Quantifying the Impact and Risk of a Cyber-Attack

The thought of cyber-attacks has made some organizations increase their spending on resources to focus on improving awareness and the overall posture of

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Consider a Business Intelligence (BI) Solution as Part of Your ERP Implementation

When organizations implement their ERP system, they are faced with a number of challenges. For example, the areas of data conversion and report conversion

FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tools Released - Are You Prepared?

Remember the FFIEC Pilot Program? The assessment is here! On June 30, 2015, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released its

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