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Opportunities Created in the Trucking Industry with Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Seth Clevenger and Eric Miller from Transport Topics, a freight transportation publication, hosted a web broadcast last month to discuss the effect of

Greetings from the American Trucking Association's National Accounting and Finance Council Annual Conference

In support of Schneider Downs’ many clients in the transportation and logistics industry, we sent a delegation to attend the American Trucking Association’s

Sonic Thump: The History and Future of Commercial Supersonic Aviation

Recent news reports have given attention to NASA’s low-boom flight demonstration (LBFD) project. Per the NASA website, the mission “has two

Transportation Industry Shifting Gears with Blockchain

How the logistics and transportation industry is evolving with the help of shared distributed-ledger technology Blockchain, and the potential roadblocks
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You Get a Tax Cut! And They Get a Tax Cut! Should I Stay an S Corp?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act represents the largest overhaul in federal tax law since 1986. The changes are sweeping and affect almost every form of income

New Pennsylvania Withholding Requirement on 1099-MISC Filers for Non-Residents

*Alert* - The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue delayed the penalty for failure to withhold until July 1, 2018. See Our Thoughts On dated 2/9/2018. Under

Business Interest Deduction

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“the Act”) provides for new limits on the business interest deduction that may impact the transportation industry.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provided non-corporate taxpayers (e.g., S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships)
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Welcoming the New Year -- Recap of Federal Gas Tax Proposals, 2018 Pennsylvania Toll Increases and Pennsylvania Gas Tax Reductions

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decreased both the wholesale motor fuels tax and the diesel fuels tax on gasoline by .006 cents on January 1, 2018. Despite

Like-Kind Exchanges No Longer Available for Personal Property

Effective after December 31, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“the Act”) repeals the favorable deferral of gain generated by like-kind exchanges
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