Business Owner - Do you work "in" your company or "on" it?


By Theodore Pettko

All business owners wear many hats, but where do you spend your time?  Finding that balance of delegating work and doing it yourself is a challenge.  However, the long-term strategic needs of your business require its due attention.

Working “in” your business involves saving money, scheduling, hiring people, purchasing materials, etc., effectively building the building.  Working “on” your business involves developing processes, people and accountability, and investing in the future of the business, which translates into creating value for your company.

Challenge yourself to reprioritize how you think about your role in the business.  Your job is to manage the business, provide leadership and direction, while differentiating your company from the competition.  Invest in your business’ future to develop a great management team and establish customer relationships by delivering a great building.  Those customers know that paying a little more for excellent service is worth it.

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