Marketing Intern at an Accounting Firm?

In my four years of undergrad, I’ve taken various marketing classes and have learned the terms, “cognitive dissonance,” “service recovery,” and could teach anyone the “Four P’s of Marketing” in my sleep. The one thing that they don’t teach Marketing majors in school is the obvious: every company needs some form of Marketing Department.

During my spring semester, many of my summer plans conversations ended in, “What are you going to do in marketing at an accounting firm?” I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Interning in the marketing department at Schneider Downs presented a rare luxury that many students don’t experience: I never specialized. In my time at Schneider Downs, I’ve held different positions all bundled into one.

I was part administrative assistant; receiving and keeping RSVP lists, handling undeliverable mail, stuffing and mailing envelopes, and ensuring that Interaction, our CRM software, was as up to date and accurate as a database can be. This taught me detail and efficiency.

I was part artist/graphic designer. I learned how to use Adobe InDesign, a program that I was fully unaware of. I helped design invitations, flyers, programs, etc., for important Schneider Downs events. This taught me to channel a more creative side of the brain, and that a second pair of eyes is always necessary.

I was part market researcher. I was able to find company names and contact info for more than 150 foreign- based companies in Pittsburgh, learn about “Things SD Employees Like,” and, after an extensive collection, summary and analysis of media usage, I now know the media most used by different age and gender groups within Schneider Downs. This taught me to be thorough, the importance and differentiation between groups of people and to always predict future questions.

I was part special events coordinator. I assisted in the planning and execution of various Schneider Downs related events, including golf outings, happy hours and Summer Series events. This taught me to keep track of everything you do throughout a process, and that there will always be room for improvement next time.

Lastly, I was truly a part of the Schneider Downs Marketing Team. They brought me along to many meetings and wanted me to participate, they had me working on different projects with many of the firm’s industry groups, and I attended big Schneider Downs events. The Marketing Department treated me as an equal, rather than as a student intern. They placed a great deal of responsibility and trust in me, forcing me to perform by best.

Being a marketing intern with Schneider Downs has taught me more than I could have hoped for when I started in May. From the most basic lesson being that every company, even an accounting firm, needs to market what they are selling; to the lesson of the true responsibility that I had to and will have to possess as an employee to any company in my future.

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