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The Emerging Importance of Internal Audit to Higher Education Institutions

In an era when effective governance is continually increasing in importance, internal audit is shifting from a best practice to a necessity in higher education. Historically, only larger, research-driven universities had internal audit departments; however, with a continually evolving environment and higher education model, mid-size and small colleges and universities must now address many of the same issues as their larger counterparts, as well as other issues unique to them.... read more >

Monitoring Vendor Performance and Performing Vendor Audits: Keeping Everyone Honest

With all the recent news about quality issues and recalls, one might wonder how a company can protect itself from exposure, or at least reduce the risk resulting from today’s integrated economy and the associated high dependence on vendors within the supply chain.... read more >

Community Service: Giving of Your Time, Talents and/or Treasures

In today’s world, we are often made aware of the vast and enormous needs of many, and it may seem that one person can’t possibly make a difference. However, if we each give of our time, talents and/or treasures, the magnitude of our gift won’t be measured in hours or dollars, but rather in the hope others receive. While much is expected, that which you receive in return will be infinitely greater.... read more >

Student Membership in Professional Organizations

With all of the electronic media geared toward networking (e.g., Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), society appears to be moving away from networking via live, personal interaction; however, in your job search and career development, don’t underestimate the value of a good, old-fashioned face-to-face meeting.... read more >

Internal Audit Performance Metrics: How Does Your Department Measure Up?

In September 2009, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) issued a Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) Knowledge Report titled Measuring Internal Audit Performance.  The report focuses on leading practices in capturing and evaluating internal audit performance.  ... read more >

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week - A Truly Unique Experience

As a company advisor at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW), I served as the mentor/consultant to a group of high school students brought together ... read more >

Balancing Cost-Cutting Measures/Efficiency Efforts and Risk Management

In the current challenging economy, many businesses have been forced to implement cost-cutting measures and/or find efficiencies in order to survive.  Whether you are cutting costs through methods such as workforce reduction or seeking to reduce waste or gain efficiencies through process improvement techniques, you should not lose sight of the resulting impact on internal controls and risk management... read more >