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Recession?...No, It May Be Financial Repression That You Are Feeling

Many economic policies of the federal government have a fairly obvious effect on the financial well-being of the citizens. Tax rates, commercial regulations ... read more >

The Fed's Dual Mandate: Time for a Change?

There appears to be an inherent tension within the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s (Fed) dual mandate of price stability and full employment. Some inflation ... read more >

Municipal Bonds Under Pressure

Harrisburg, PA has been in the news of late as a city that is struggling to stay out of bankruptcy. Because of this story, and stories of other U.S. cities ... read more >

The Downside of Individual Investing

After two straight calendar years of strong equity market returns, some individual investors may not only be tempted to get back into the market, but they ... read more >

How Will Greece's Debt Crisis Impact the U.S. Stock Market?

It appears to be the consensus that the ongoing debt crisis in Greece is having a significant impact on the U.S. stock market the past couple of weeks. Patrick Fisher provides some explanation.... read more >

Dow Hits 10,000: What's the Big Deal?

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average snuck above the 10,000 level this week for the first time in more than a year, Patrick Fisher ponders the question, "What's the big deal?"... read more >

Measuring the Economy

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) provides perhaps the broadest reading on the strength of the economy. This measurement estimates the value of all goods and services produced within the United States. One month after each quarter ends, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (the Bureau) (www.bea.gov) releases its first GDP estimate for that quarter. Patrick Fisher explains why this is important. ... read more >