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A Postcard from the AICPA National Conference on Credit Unions

From October 25 through 27, the AICPA held its annual National Conference on Credit Unions in Las Vegas. The event drew more than 450 participants from ... read more >

That's The Signpost Up Ahead - Your Next Stop, Ethics Programs

At all levels within organizations, employees confront situations and circumstances that, although not illegal, seem very wrong. Many employees find that there is no clear course of action in their organization for confronting and resolving such matters. “It is the middle ground between light and shadow,” as Rod Serling used to say, “It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”... read more >

Adding by Subtraction

This earnings season, cost-cutting has dominated headlines.  With sales slumping during the economic downturn, companies such as Pfizer, Sherwin-Williams, The New York Times Company, Altria Group, Yahoo! and Hasbro have implemented effective cost-cutting measures to improve their bottom lines.    ... read more >