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The Value of Forecast Models?

98% to 99%; 98%; 95%; 84%; 71%; What are these numbers? The odds that you will love this article? No – clearly that is 100%. These were the odds ... read more >

The Value of Pokémon GO

Warren Buffet…Mark Zuckerberg…Elon Musk…Pikachu. One of these things is not like the others…right? Not so fast. Each of these ... read more >

Lost Profits: Determining Avoided Costs (Part 2)

In my last article, I discussed how to calculate lost revenue related to a fire in ABC Company’s manufacturing facility. In this article, I will ... read more >

Lost Profits: Determining Lost Revenue (Part 1)

One night, there is a fire in ABC Company’s manufacturing facility. Although the fire department responds and extinguishes the fire, there is significant ... read more >

Determining Reasonable Royalty Damages in Patent Infringement Cases

In a prior article, we talked about determining lost profits damages in patent infringement cases. As discussed there, patent owners are to be compensated ... read more >

Determining Lost Profits Damages in Patent Infringement Cases

As technology and innovation increase, patents protecting innovations increase as well. And of course, as multiple companies continue to file for new patents, ... read more >

Common Errors in the Development of a Cost of Capital

The cost of capital, or discount rate, is one of the most important variables used in the valuation of an asset or entity. A cost of capital attempts to ... read more >

Valuing Companies with Complex Capital Structures

Valuing companies with complex capital structures can be a difficult task. In particular, how does one allocate the total value of an entity across different ... read more >

Valuation Issues for ESOPs

The Employee Benefits Security Administration (“EBSA”) shares responsibility for administration and enforcement of the Employee Retirement ... read more >