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Year-End Tax Savings Ideas, Third in a Series: Maximize Tax-Deferred Savings into Retirement Accounts

It’s not too late to take advantage of the tax-deferred treatment of assets in retirement accounts for 2016. In addition to the tax deduction, the ... read more >

Year-End Tax Savings Ideas, Second in a Series: Charitable Gifting Strategies - Boost Your Tax Benefits

Financial markets have appreciated over the past several years leaving investors with some significant gains in their taxable investment accounts. An investor ... read more >

Welcome Back to the '70s!

What do you remember about the 1970s? Having spent the entire decade of the 70’s completing my primary and secondary education, my focus was not ... read more >

Hang in There: Update on Market Volatility

Six months ago, on August 15, 2011, I wrote the first of a series of Insights on how investors might deal with market volatility by better understanding ... read more >

Part Five: Equity Markets Will Be Volatile

The fifth installment in Nancy Skeans' series on the volatility of equity markets. Evaluate your strategy annually or earlier if cash flow needs change.... read more >

Part Three: Equity Markets Will Be Volatile

The second step in my series on dealing with volatile equity markets is: Understanding Your Cash Flow Needs.... read more >

Part Two: Equity Markets Will Be Volatile

Are you in the Retirement Red Zone or an Asset Accumulator? Nancy Skeans provides shares her insights on the critical issue: Understanding Your Financial Stage in Life. Second in a series.... read more >

Hang in There: Equity Markets Will be Volatile

Nancy Skeans introduces the first in a series of Insights discussing tactics for coping with the increasing volatility of the equity markets.... read more >

Of Chickens and Debt Ceilings

Several months ago, I taped a picture of a chicken on my office door. Yes, I have gotten a few strange looks. Across the bird is scrawled “Don’t ... read more >