Problem-Solving Takes Question-Asking

My Internship Experience

Over the past few years, professors, advisors, and even my friends and family have stressed to me how important it is to get a head start on finding an internship. I did not quite see where they were coming from at the time, but fortunately I decided to take their advice anyway. In the fall of my junior year at Robert Morris University, I began my pursuit of summer internships.

It was not until summer rolled around and my internship at Schneider Downs began, did I realize what everyone meant about the importance of an internship. My time here at Schneider Down has been an incredible experience thus far. During my eight weeks here, I have learned more than I could in any classroom.  I have learned the importance of time management, building relationships, problem-solving, and many other key factors.

Time management has always been one of my strongest assets; however, applying it to a work-like situation was a learning experience for me. Because every client and every task is just as important as the other, I have learned ways to work most efficiently, so that everything was completed in a timely manner. Another very important thing I have learned during my internship is how crucial it is to build a strong relationship with clients and other team members. Gaining such strong relationships gave me the confidence to ask any questions that I had of other team members and even of the clients. This was key in each and every engagement that I have worked on. Lastly, and a maybe most importantly, I have learned how vital problem-solving is. Although every team member has always been extremely willing to help, sometimes it was necessary to slow down, take a step back and work through any issues at hand. It was quite challenging at times, but I definitely looked at it as a learning opportunity.

Kristie Hamilton explains her experiences as an intern in the Audit department of the Public Accounting Firm, Schneider Downs.

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