Schneider Downs Meridian Service Offerings

PRIMARY CONTACTS: Joel Rosenthal CPA, CVA (Pittsburgh), Michael Von Lehman CTP , John Bellardini CTP (Pittsburgh)

Schneider Downs Meridian, LP has recognized industry leaders offering the experience and commitment to assist companies move toward profitability.  We accomplish this by offering the following services:

  • Performance Improvement
    • Operational management
    • Strategic planning
    • Process optimization
    • Cash flow enhancement including inventory and accounts receivable management
    • Supplier section and cost containment strategies
    • Financial management
  • Turnaround/Restructuring Services
    • Analyzing/altering operations to be more cost-efficient
    • Developing a restructuring plan
    • Negotiating with creditor groups for the support of continued operations
    • Reconfiguring debt to minimize cash required debt service and redirect cash toward operations
    • Redirect cash flow to company operations
    • Assist management in achieving goals
  • Insolvency Services
    • Understanding the financial and legal alternatives when insolvent
    • Assisting in securing DIP financing
    • Expertly communicating with stakeholders, such as lenders, trade creditors, and employees
    • Efficiently managing cash flow
    • Recognizing and dealing with preference and avoidance
    • Preparing and implementing reorganization plans
    • Overseeing the proof of claim process
    • Maximizing recovery through effective organizational restructuring and/or liquidation of assets
  • Debt Placement
    • Establishing realistic objectives
    • Identifying financial alternatives
    • Preparing a financing memorandum
    • Marketing to appropriate sources of capital
    • Creating a competitive environment among the various capital sources
    • Negotiating the transaction to achieve the most beneficial terms
    • Closing the deal

If interested in a Schneider Downs Meridian service, contact John Bellardini.