SD Medallion Services

Primary Contacts: Maria D. Stromple, Melanie M. LaSota, Nancy L. Skeans

Schneider Downs has created SD Medallion Services to recognize that our clients’ needs are both complex and unique. Our ability to integrate the essential services of our tax consulting, estate planning* and wealth management practice units delivers a single-focused approach to your individual needs.

Wealth generators require comprehensive financial solutions.

When experts from related wealth management and tax disciplines combine their focus on your needs, unique synergies are created, and effective strategies are formed. The communication between professionals assisting with your wealth-building strategy can result in new opportunities that may not emerge otherwise.

SD Medallion Services has the capacity to deliver an integrated tax, estate and wealth management service – along with a firm-wide commitment to the personalized service necessary to build an integrated plan that meets your wealth accumulation, as well as any legacy and philanthropic goals.

Schneider Downs is one of the largest independent public accounting and tax advisory firms in the region and has more than 50 years of experience in all aspects of accounting and advisory services. Our trusted advisors have extensive experience providing solutions to high-net-worth clients.

We are equipped to provide an integrated approach to wealth management.

Schneider Downs Medallion Services coordinates three key elements of wealth management:

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that a seamless and personalized wealth management plan is developed to fit your specific needs.

Sometimes, people experience a disconnect between the professionals managing their investments and those who provide tax planning or financial estate planning. Beyond the inconvenience of managing various relationships and providing redundant information to unrelated providers, there is potential consequence: opportunities are lost. Collaboration among our trusted members provides multidisciplinary specialties and optimal solutions. The mission of the Schneider Downs Medallion advisory team is to provide a fully integrated, seamless approach to helping affluent individuals and families achieve their financial long-term objectives.  For more information, please contact one of the people listed above.

* Does not include legal services. Our services will be coordinated with your attorney.

Tax and legacy planning services are offered through Schneider Downs & Co., Inc.  Investment and asset management services are provided through Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LP.  Each service may require you to sign a separate engagement agreement that will outline the services to be provided and the respective fees.