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PRIMARY CONTACT: Patrick B. Armknecht CPA, CITP (Technology Advisors)

How well does technology support your five year business plan? Are your business processes efficient and do they complement your people and technology? Do your software applications give you the information you need when you need it? Is your information protected? Do you get alerted when critical business measures are off target?

Technology continually evolves even if your business remains constant. Our technology consultants can help you evaluate if your business would benefit from or should be protected against change in technology.

Evaluate: Assist with identifying a problem, gathering information and recommending solutions.

Implement: Assistance with implementing technology solutions.

  • Project Management - for technology implementation
  • Software Package Implementation
  • Controls Documentation and Testing
  • Network Security Assessment

Operate and Review: Assistance with reviewing ongoing technology operations.

Our Technology Consulting Process

Requirements Definition: Our approach is to identify with the client the key business processes to be analyzed and the corresponding personnel to interview. We then gather information in order to define the client’s current state processes, pain points, goals for change, and strategic goals for the process. Requirements are then derived from the information gathered and prioritized.

Project Management: We assist clients with the planning, organizing, and managing the resources necessary to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Our primary focus is achieving the project goals and objectives while adhering to project constraints including: scope, quality, time and budget. Our secondary objective is optimizing the allocation of resources to meet pre-defined objectives

Process Re-engineering: Our approach is aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across an organization by facilitating the analysis and redesign of current business processes. With an outsider’s perspective, we interview employees and management to gain understanding of current business environment and future business objectives and goals. We create process maps and assist management in evaluating the value and necessity or all products.

About Schneider Downs Technology Advisors

Schneider Downs Technology Advisors are committed to providing value added technology services and solutions to our clients. We strive to create an on-going mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by focusing on client satisfaction, delivery of quality service and the continuous education and training of our staff. In today's ever-shrinking and demanding world market, one of the most challenging tasks facing a company is utilizing and processing information effectively and efficiently.

To learn more contact the team at [email protected].

case studies

Let’s discuss preventing ransomware attacks on your company. Email me directly <a href=''>here</a>.
big problem:
Let’s discuss preventing ransomware attacks on your company. Email me directly here.
big thinking:
Company impacted by ransomware.
Let’s discuss opportunities to reduce your company’s tax burden. Email me directly <a href=''>here</a>.
big problem:
Let’s discuss opportunities to reduce your company’s tax burden. Email me directly here.
big thinking:
Inefficient tax credit realization.
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