Transfer Pricing

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We work with our clients to present practical solutions to transfer pricing issues.

In order to avoid income-shifting to lower-tax entities or jurisdictions, U.S. tax rules strive to set prices between controlled taxpayers using "arms-length" pricing (what unrelated parties would pay). This arm's-length standard applies to sales of products and services, as well as sales and use of intangibles (trade names, patents, know-how, etc.), essentially all transactions between related parties. Each type of intercompany transaction must be separately accounted for in a company's transfer pricing policy.

The U.S. Tax Code requires that the taxpayer maintain contemporaneous documentation that supports its transfer pricing policy. Other countries have similar rules.

Types of transfer pricing services:

  • Audit support
  • Functional analysis
  • Comparables analysis
  • Documentation compilation and assessment
  • Transfer pricing studies and updates

case studies

big problem:
A not-for-profit client out of 401(k) compliance.
big thinking:
Allowing more contributions by highly paid employees.
big problem:
Hackers attempting a six-figure wire transfer.
big thinking:
Rapid action spearheaded active containment and response.

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