Benefits of a Purple Team Assessment

Organizations’ IT departments are typically obligated to perform annual penetration tests or IT audits to help strengthen the organization’s cybersecurity practices and methodologies.

In addition to these traditional exercises, you should consider extending your basic testing using Purple Team assessments to help you improve the organization’s alerting and detection posture, and extend your visibility into potential malicious activities. Download our “Benefits of a Purple Team Assessment” whitepaper to learn what exactly purple team assessments are, how these exercises are devised and measured, and key benefits of these assessments.  

About Schneider Downs Purple Team Assessments

A Schneider Downs Purple Team exercise brings together our red teamers and blue teamers, onsite, to work alongside your team to learn how to prevent and detect specific offensive techniques from the MITRE ATTACK framework and other hacker tools, techniques and procedures. As part of a Purple Team exercise, our goal is to provide the hacker toolsets and mentality of our red team experts along with the incident responder and defensive thinking of our blue team experts in a way that encourages, engages and sparks knowledge transfer.

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