Automation and Data Analytic Process Team (“ADAPT”)

Transforming businesses through data analytics

In this digital age of disruption, where data has never been more prevalent and available, Schneider Downs ADAPT offers a lineup of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data analytic services to help transform your unworkable data into actionable business insights. Harnessing data management, data discovery, data visualization, and problem solving  through data analysis, Schneider Downs has experts to provide necessary services to cover all your data needs.

Schneider Downs ADAPT applies an agile and proactive approach to each project and engagement to ensure client satisfaction. We believe collaboration is most effective in providing a solution that answers your business questions and satisfies your business needs. Our clients have access to our entire roster of shareholders and advisors to provide additional experience and expertise. Our standard  includes prompt responsiveness to inquiries and timeliness of deliverables in accordance with your expectations.

ADAPT Process Chart

ADAPT + Manage

Each day, the world creates quintillion bytes of data. Your organization contributes to the data created each day. Unfortunately, due to software limitations, disaggregated systems and manual processes, you may not have sufficient time or visibility into your data to allow it to work for you in an efficient manner. We can help you become more efficient and effective through integration of data systems, implementation of process automation and identification of process improvement opportunities.

Need to access your data easily and quickly?

You may have inefficient systems or disaggregated systems that do not talk to each other. Let Schneider Downs ADAPT and Schneider Downs Technology Advisors provide data warehousing  solutions to help you access your data with ease.

Need to implement data analysis into your everyday accounting or operational process?

Let us review your internal control procedures to identify opportunities to integrate data analysis into your day-to-day, monthly, quarterly, or annual close process to provide you with more business insights to help run your business.

Want to become more efficient with day-to-day manual business processes?

Let us design and implement a tailored automation tool through robotic process automation to streamline manual processes to allow the highest and best use of each employee.

Have a report or data-set that has outgrown the capabilities of standard office applications?

Let us use our state of the art data analytics and big-data solutions to develop a scalable model that can grow with your business. 


ADAPT + Discover

Each project is a collaborative experience between Schneider Downs and your project team. We examine your business plan and collect information from finance, operations, IT and other departments to understand the business problems you are experiencing and build a business solution to satisfy your needs.

Need to identify sources of anomalies and unexpected results?

Let us perform descriptive trend analysis on past results to identify the root cause of abnormalities in your business.

Want to evaluate the impact of certain key performance indicators (KPI's) on your results?

Let us examine the KPI's used by you and your team to determine their relevancy to your actual performance. Focusing on factors with a perceived, but not actual, impact on end-results can lead to inappropriate business decisions. Let us refocus your oversight on business intelligence that matters.


ADAPT + Solve

After identifying the business problem through ADAPT and Discover, we will perform various data analytics to provide predictive and prescriptive analysis to deliver business solutions. Allow us to integrate our solutions into your existing processes or outsource your full or partial financial planning and analysis role to Schneider Downs ADAPT.

Need to optimize your supply chain?

Let us analyze your buying patterns and develop a customized predictive demand methodology to ensure you are purchasing at the right time at the right price.

Need to improve production efficiency?

Let us identify bottlenecks, overruns, maintenance concerns, unnecessary overtime and other types of inefficiencies in your production and manufacturing process.

Need to predict customer behavior?

Let us perform trend analysis and customer segmentation through various measures including recency of purchases, frequency of purchases, and overall monetary value of purchases of customers.

Want to implement data analysis into your business but do not have the human capital to achieve your goal?

Let our team work for you by outsourcing your data analysis function to Schneider Downs ADAPT.


ADAPT + Visualize

Data visualization is the art of utilizing graphs, charts, informational graphics, and geospatial mapping to present data for ease of interpreting complex data.  Visualization can be applied on an as needed basis or be incorporated into monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting packages.  The creation of dashboards to easily identify and display interesting trends, anomalies, and outliers, can be shared throughout your organization for use in monitoring, projecting and summarizing results.

Need to strengthen your existing reporting package?

Let us provide you with a customized dashboard for continuous monitoring of financial transactions and business processes.

Need to communicate results of financial performance to a wider audience?

Let us explain business insights to your organization in appealing and easy to understand graphics and reports.

Need a quick health check on your business?

Let us provide you with comparative financial reporting to see how you stack up against past performance, target performance, and performance of peers in your industry.

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