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Six Common Lease Accounting Adoption Mistakes... and How to Avoid Them

Learn about six common mistakes organizations make when adopting the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. ...

Six Common Lease Accounting Adoption Mistakes... and How to Avoid Them

EV Tax Credit Overview and Reference Guide

Learn more about the revamped clean vehicle tax credits, and get a complimentary EV tax credit reference guide to download.

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7 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Network Safe

Want to keep your home network safe? Follow these 7 tips from the Schneider Downs Cybersecurity team.

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11th Annual Fraud and Corruption Awareness Seminar

Read more on this year's seminar full of interesting discussions on fraud from the personal and career stories of the attendees.

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Foreign Investment - 5-year Filing Due - Form BE-12

Learn more about the BE-12 Benchmark Survey that is used to report foreign investment in U.S.-operated businesses.

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New Advances in AI and AI Chatbots May Leave Users Concerned About Data Collection and Privacy

Learn about data collection and privacy concerns associated with new advances in artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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IRS Introduces Safe Harbor Method for Accounting Expenses in Natural Gas Infrastructure

Learn more about the recently issued Revenue Procedure 2023-15 that introduces a new safe harbor method of accounting.

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"We've worked with Schneider Downs for over a decade and they have become a part of our growth and success. To us, Schneider Downs is not just a financial services firm but a trusted business partner."

"We are a long time customer and value the service provided."

"SD management and staff are very professional, but not overly 'text-book'. They take their jobs seriously, but are also great to work with!"

"We have built a solid working relationship with Schneider Downs since they became our firm accountants in 2018. The knowledge of our firm's accounting systems has grown over the years and Schneider Downs plays an important role in providing accounting services and providing guidance to our firm."

"Been w SD for 30 years
Always there for us"

"Exceptional client service."

"We have a solid relationship with our team"


"The personnel are fantastic. Efficient, creative and always on top ify the clients needs."

"relationships with Tax & Audit staff are phenomenal - they answer and are attentive when we have issues and provide timely responses"

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