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SDWMA Thoughts on Silicon Valley Bank

Learn more about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and why SDWMA embraces diversification. ...

SDWMA Thoughts on Silicon Valley Bank

Succession Planning: Begin before the End

Read further about how to successfully prepare for exit succession planning.

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Mayor Gainey’s Challenges: Tax-Exempt Properties

Read more about the executive order signed by Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey for Pittsburgh's law and finance departments.

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Proposed ESG Reporting Requirements for Federal Contractors

Learn more about the new ESG reporting requirements for Major Contractors and Significant Contractors.

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State Bureau Mails Incorrect Filing Notice Post Cards to Exempt Partnerships

Learn more on whether or not you need to file the Certificate of Annual Registration notice sent by the PA Dept of State.

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SDWMA Thoughts on the Banking Industry and the Economy

Learn more on the SVB collapse and how it is effecting current regional bank environments.

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Putting the ESG Puzzle Together

Explore the key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities organizations need to know in consideration to ESG.

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Our Clients' Thoughts On Schneider Downs

"Everyone we deal with at Schneider Downs shows that they care about our business and personal concerns. They are always available to us and are very responsive. They have been with us for a long time and we are thrilled with their performance."

"Consistent quality service over an extended relationship."

"Schneider Downs has been a valued advisor to our organization. They understand us and our industry and can provide guidance and insight that is appropriate to our circumstances."

"Knowledgeable and friendly staff"

"SD management and staff are very professional, but not overly 'text-book'. They take their jobs seriously, but are also great to work with!"

"Since we starting with Schneider Downs late last year they have provided the best service possible. Every time I call with a question or problem they are extremely quick to response. Couldn't ask for a better company."

"My experience has been one of timely response and expert guidance in a number of areas."

"The personnel are fantastic. Efficient, creative and always on top ify the clients needs."

"We are a long time customer and value the service provided."

"Patrick as been very responsive to our needs. Checks in and looks for ways to assist with our projects."

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