Technical Accounting Advisory


Donald B. Applegarth, CPA
Nicholas D. Lombardo, CPA

Schneider Downs has a dedicated group of experts who provide consulting and advisory services on technical accounting matters.

This group, with backgrounds in audit, valuation, tax and other disciplines, routinely assists publicly traded and privately held companies with their most complex accounting issues. Included in this group are subject matter experts who have assisted companies manage the following projects

Consultation on GAAP, IFRS or Other Statutory Standards

Our experts stand ready to assist you with the interpretation and application of technical accounting rules. Schneider Downs professionals can support you with:

  • Accounting Research
  • Position Papers
  • Setting Accounting Policies
  • Additional Statutory Standard Services
  • Conversion Between IFRS and U.S. GAAP

Implementation of New Accounting Standards

Our Accounting Advisory Services team routinely monitors new developments and pronouncements. By the time a new standard is issued, we have already gained a thorough comprehension of the new rules and are ready to help you understand and implement the new regulations. Our experts assist by:

  • Educating Clients on New Regulatory Standards
  • Drafting Position Papers or Revising Accounting Policies
  • Designing Customized Project Plans that Help Clients Assess and Adopt Any New Standards

Accounting for Complex Transactions

There are many complex transactions that may require professional consultation. Our experts stand ready to assist you with any complicated transactions that you encounter.  We have subject matter expertise in areas such as:

  • Lease Accounting (ASC 842)
  • Revenue Recognition (ASC 605 and ASC 606)
  • Business Combinations (ASC 805)
  • Complex Debt or Equity Arrangements
  • Derivative and Hedging Transactions
  • Impairments
  • Consolidations/VIE Accounting
  • Fair Value Measurement
  • Other Complex Transactions and Accounting

Transaction-Related Accounting Issues

Transaction-related accounting and financial reporting considerations are influenced by many factors, including differing accounting standards, purchase price allocation, technical accounting matters, adjustments and the availability of professionals capable of providing direction.  Schneider Downs Technical Accounting Advisory Services offers:

  • Transaction-related Accounting Consultation
  • Accounting Records “Clean Up” Before you Go to Market, to Ensure a Smooth Transaction Process
  • Preparation of Final Closeout Financial Statements for the Selling Company to Meet Any Internal or External Requirements
  • Opening Balance Sheet Accounting Under FASB ASC 805, Business Combinations, Ensuring Opening Balance Sheets are U.S. GAAP Compliant
  • Other Common Transaction-related Accounting Issues, Such as:
    • Accounting for Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets
    • Transaction Costs
    • Stock Options and Other Incentive-based Awards
    • Other Unique Accounting Needs
  • Standardization of New Accounting Policies and Practices Within your Company Following a Merger or Acquisition

Reporting and Disclosure Preparation and/or Assistance

Our team can help you draft a complete set of financial statements in accordance with U.S. GAAP, IFRS or other statutory requirements.  We can assist on a monthly basis, quarterly basis and/or annual basis.

About Schneider Downs Accounting Advisory Services

Through our Accounting Advisory Services, Schneider Downs offers a variety of technical accounting advisory services, as well as outsourced accounting and finance advisory services, for every type of organization from small businesses that have limited resources, to large publicly and privately held entities that require a unique perspective. Learn more about our Accounting Advisory Services.

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