Data Privacy Services: Business Process and Data Flow

Eric M. Wright CPA, CITP

A critical component to understanding how an organization’s data (oftentimes consumer data) travels throughout its lifecycle is to develop business processes and data flow diagrams. Successful business process and data flow diagrams are achieved by conducting meetings with business unit representatives, as well as representatives from information technology (IT). These meetings allow for both business unit and IT representatives to develop a baseline understanding of what data is collected and how it is used, processed, shared, stored and retained within and outside of the organization. 

Business Process and Data Flow

The following components should surface throughout this exercise, to then determine how to protect and effectively control personal data:

  • Who collects, uses and maintains personal data relating to individuals, customers and employees?
  • What types of personal data are collected and what is the purpose of collection?
  • Where the data is physically stored?
  • To whom is the data transferred/shared?
  • When and how is the data collected?
  • How long is it retained and how is it deleted?

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About Schneider Downs Data Privacy Services

At Schneider Downs, our IT Risk Advisory Practice has a team of professionals who specialize in data privacy. Our team not only understands the evolving data privacy regulations but also the technologies that allow for opportunities to enable controls in the effort of reducing and protecting the data footprint and ongoing risks of non-compliance. 

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