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2022 Standard Mileage Rates

Learn more about the 2022 Standard Mileage Rates, including some increases as provided by the IRS.

Schneider Downs Trucking Industry Whitepaper Series Update

Explore critical topics facing the trucking industry in our State of the Industry whitepaper series from Schneider Downs and the Ohio Trucking Association.

Welcome News for the Trucking Industry - Clarification of 100% Meals and Entertainment Deduction for Per Diems

Learn more about the IRS' 100% deduction on per diem meal and entertainment expenses for the trucking industry in 2021 and 2022.

Lease Accounting Guidelines for the Trucking Industry

Learn more about the Lease Accounting Guidelines specific to the Trucking Industry and browse several whitepapers on the topic.
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Schneider Downs Trucking Industry White Paper Series

Learn more about Schneider Downs' trucking industry white paper series that explores the transportation industry driver shortage issue.

Confronting the Driver Shortage Crisis

Learn more about the Driver Shortage Crisis impacting the transportation sector and how companies are dealing with the current pain points.

New Per Diem Rates Announced for the Transportation Industry – Can Your Company Use This as a Driver Retention Tool?

Learn more about the newly announced Per Diem Rates for the Transportation Industry and considerations you should take in adopting a per diem program for your company drivers.
Learn more about the valuable data that transportation and logistics companies throughout Ohio can use to make forward-looking decisions in our latest Economic Survey.
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Carriers Impacted Amidst Fuel Supply Chain Issues and Fuel Price Escalation

Learn more about the ways that carriers are impacted by the current fuel supply chain issues as well as increased fuel prices due to the May 7th cybersecurity attack.

Tax Credits for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Learn more about the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations tax credit for the costs of any qualified alternative fuel vehicle refueling property.
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