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With increased global competition, companies are forced to find new and innovative products to expand and maintain their customer base. However, the quest for new products almost always requires the considerable expense of research and development. At Schneider Downs, we can help you to make the most of your investment.

Both federal and state tax credits exist to reward companies for investing in Research and Development (R&D). The federal credit can net as much as 10% of actual expenditures, and many states, including Pennsylvania, also offer a credit for research. Additionally, new tax rules (post-2006) might make it easier for your company to claim a Federal R&D tax credit.


Research & Development Tax Credit

At Schneider Downs, we can help to review your current Research & Development Tax Credit calculation or conduct an R&D Tax Credit Study to determine the amount of any potential credits. We can facilitate your company's accounting and application for this credit by:

  • assisting your staff in identifying the qualifying R&D activities
  • gathering and documenting the related costs
  • detailing the state tax benefits that may be available
  • preparing any required tax filings
  • providing support with federal or state audits

Our professionals have significant experience in conducting R&D studies for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, software development, metal production and chemical products. Let us help you to make the most of your investment.

R&D Tax Credit Overviews

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case studies
                                    Company impacted by ransomware.
big problem:
Company impacted by ransomware.
big thinking:
Restore system on-site and avoid six-figure ransom.
                                    Inefficient tax credit realization.
big problem:
Inefficient tax credit realization.
big thinking:
Identified a $900,000 tax credit, nearly twice as much as prior years.
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