Sales and Use Tax Compliance Advice and Services

At Schneider Downs, we recognize the complexities of sales and use tax issues faced by companies today as they do business across a multitude of state and local jurisdictions. With our insight and nearly 100 combined years of dedicated state and local tax experience, Schneider Downs’ SALT professionals are fully committed to helping clients comply with the complex and ever-changing sales and use tax laws and regulations.

Assistance with Increased Sales/Use Tax Compliance Burdens – Including Wayfair

The Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair has dramatically changed sales and use tax filing obligations for businesses. Consequently, many companies will be required to file returns in state and local jurisdictions where they did not previously.

Unsure if your business has been impacted by the Wayfair decision? Schneider Downs can assist you in identifying each state and locality where your business has a sales tax filing obligation. If a review identifies additional obligations, our team of experienced professionals can assist your business with registration, online tax account setup and, ultimately, the filing of returns.

Customized Sales and Use Tax Filing Process

Schneider Downs has developed a sales and use tax compliance process that focuses on the specific needs of each of our clients. Your team will initiate the preparation of returns based on those identified on your sales and use tax compliance calendar, as well as the transactional data you provide to us. After your returns are completed, applicable payments are either made on your behalf or drafted online for you to initiate. After filing, completed returns and supporting documentation are placed into our convenient and secure online client portal for access, as needed.

We Fulfill Sales and Use Tax Compliance Outsourcing Needs

Sales tax compliance is an endless cycle for most companies, creating days and even weeks of ongoing work. Our SALT team will ensure that your sales tax returns and associated payments are made accurately and timely, allowing you to focus ultimately on the operation and growth of your business.

case studies

Ransomware attack halted a global manufacturer's operations.
big problem:
Ransomware attack halted a global manufacturer's operations.
big thinking:
Recover and secure the system – fast – save $1 million in ransom.
High tax burden for family-owned franchisor.
big problem:
High tax burden for family-owned franchisor.
big thinking:
Comprehensive planning for a 15% tax reduction.

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