PRIMARY CONTACTS: Jay Meglich CPA (Columbus), Staci Brogan CPA (Pittsburgh), Eugene Logan CPA (Pittsburgh), Lauren Weddell CPA (Pittsburgh)

Our Not-for-Profit industry group was created to garner the combined insights of professionals from multiple firm disciplines, creating an energized dialogue through our regularly scheduled meetings and seminars. This results in fresh ideas, as well as a comprehensive understanding of issues facing nonprofit organizations today. Schneider Downs understands that not-for-profit organizations, as stewards of charitable assets, are accountable to numerous constituencies: boards of directors or trustees, donors, grantors, regulatory authorities and the public.

Gathering the information required to make informed decisions is only the start of the service we provide. What sets our Not-for-Profit Advisory Practice apart is a commitment to making sure our clients know how to put this information to use. We provide assurance, tax, advisory and technology consulting services (including not-for-profit fund accounting software) to large and small nonprofits and their boards. We understand the challenges of not-for-profit funding and business environments, and are committed to assisting each unique organization in achieving its mission and sustaining public support.

We advise a range of not-for-profits including, but not limited to:

  • Higher Education
  • Private Foundations
  • Museums
  • Human and Social Service Organizations
  • Religious and Community Organizations

Insight and Guidance for Not-for-Profit Best Practices
Schneider Downs advises over 340 tax-exempt organizations, including many of the regions premier cultural organizations. Members of our Not-for-Profit Advisory Practice include those who've formerly held key positions within the not-for-profit sector and those who've dedicated much of their careers to serving not-for-profits. Such sustained involvement allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance on emerging issues facing not-for-profits.

case studies

big problem:
A not-for-profit client out of 401(k) compliance.
big thinking:
Allowing more contributions by highly paid employees.
big problem:
Hackers attempting a six-figure wire transfer.
big thinking:
Rapid action spearheaded active containment and response.

our thoughts on

Due to Feedback, IRS is Brainstorming Other Ways to Calculate the Tax on Parking
2019 Compliance Supplement
Exempt private schools offered new option to display nondiscriminatory policy
Income Share Agreements - The next step in higher education affordability?
Cybersecurity and nonprofits: Time to button up!

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