Ray Buehler Named World Chairman of IGAF Polaris

Raymond W. Buehler, Jr. named Chairman, World Board of Directors, or IGAF PolarisSchneider Downs is pleased to announce that the firm now has significant new global resources to offer its clients through its membership in IGAF Polaris, the powerful new global accounting association forming out of the merger of Polaris International, Fidunion, and IGAF Worldwide.
The independent member firms of the merged IGAF Polaris will have a combined annual revenue of over US$1.82 billion, with 2,400 partners, 16,300 employees, and 843 offices in 89 countries around the globe, making the combined group one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world. The substantial increase in size for the merged association will enhance Schneider Downs’ ability to provide expertise and resources to meet growing client needs, both internationally and domestically.
Raymond W. Buehler, Jr., President and CEO of Pittsburgh’s Schneider Downs, will serve as the Chairman, World Board of Directors, for the new association. Buehler became CEO of Schneider Downs in 1985, and served as Chairman of the World Board for IGAF Worldwide since 2010.

“We are pleased to have Ray Buehler as the head of our leadership group for IGAF Polaris,” said IGAF Polaris CEO Kevin Mead. “Many of our member firms have relied on Ray’s expertise and management insight over the years on a peer-to-peer basis, and his previous leadership as the chair of the IGAF Worldwide Board of Directors has been critical to both the success of the merger and the success of IGAF Worldwide during the past few years. We look forward to having his dynamic presence as the Chairman of our Board.”

IGAF Polaris will maintain a regional governance structure, with Boards of Directors providing oversight for each of four regions: Asia Pacific; Latin America & Caribbean; Europe, Middle East, & Africa; and North America. A World Board of Directors comprised of members of the Regional Boards, plus a World Chairman, will provide global guidance and governance. The World headquarters office for IGAF Polaris will be in Miami, Florida, USA, with regional offices to be located in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

With offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH, Schneider Downs is one of the 60-largest public accounting and business advisory firms in the United States. The firm provides international tax and accounting services for a variety of corporations throughout the region.

For more information on Schneider Downs or the IGAF Polaris merger, please call 412-697-5321, or send an email to ssmith@schneiderdowns.com.