The Dream Internship

Schneider Downs, the friendliest place on earth!  Or so I think.  Everyone here at Schneider Downs has made my internship so wonderful and one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I was hesitant before I started, because I had no experience in a professional work environment, and I had no clue what auditing was.  I was worried that the staff would not like me and become frustrated with me when I asked questions, but that was the exact opposite response that I got.  Everyone that I worked with on my auditing teams has been incredible.  They have all been kind and reassuring when I have questions.  Everyone that I have met over this summer has been so genuine, and I can tell that they want the best for their coworkers.  The friendly and encouraging environment at Schneider Downs is so contagious.  Schneider Downs truly feels like a one-of-a-kind company that will always care about their employees, rather than just focusing on getting work done.  I truly believe that Schneider Downs is so successful because of the personal focus that they have for their employees as well as their clients.  The clients that I got the chance to go to were always so happy to see us and catch up with the SD employees that they knew from the previous year’s audit.  It was clear to me that the clients really appreciated our work and that we made sure to connect with them on a personal level rather than just through our work obligation.

 I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would during my time at Schneider Downs.  I am so grateful that the internship program allows us to experience real work on real jobs, rather than doing the dreaded and typical intern job of coffee runs.  I feel like this experience has prepared me for a full-time job and has given me the understanding that I need to feel well equipped for when the time comes to start my first job.  It is very sad that the summer and my internship are coming to an end, because I have had such an amazing time here.  I wish the internship program was just a little bit longer so that I could continue working with the amazing staff here and continue learning about auditing.  I just want to thank everyone that I have worked with during my internship and everyone else that I had the pleasure of meeting here at Schneider Downs for teaching me and welcoming me here.  This internship has truly changed my life and I hope that I can one day be a part of it!

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