In a Contentious Election Year, Tax Reform and Regulations Cited as Important Factors in 2016 Manufacturers' Economic Survey

Tax reform, environmental laws and other government regulations were cited among the factors most likely to impact manufacturers in the coming year, according to the results released this week from the annual Schneider Downs Manufacturers’ Economic Survey.

This year’s survey provides unique insights into the minds and opinions of manufacturing leaders from companies with regional, national and international focuses.

Manufacturers will always have their eyes on taxes and new legislation. What stood out this year is that many of the factors respondents said were most impactful to their company and the industry were directly tied to governmental influence, including:

  • Trade laws
  • Tax reform
  • Government regulations
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental laws

Perhaps the fact that 2016 was an election year weighed heavily on the minds of the survey participants. Certainly the Presidential campaign made clear that these were hot-button topics during a contentious election season. These issues, among many others, were at the forefront of debates, political ads and media coverage, and, according to the manufacturers we surveyed, these issues remain important to their industry.

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