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2023 Construction Forecast

Learn what is being said about the 2023 construction industry forecast and the factors figuring to contribute to the trends such as construction technology, infrastructure development and developing countries.

Ten Steps Contractors Can Take to Reduce Cyber Attacks

Learn key steps that contractors can take to combat cybersecurity attacks.

A Positive Workplace Can Help Retain Construction Employees

Learn how to create a positive work environment for construction employees to reduce the high turnover rates.
Todd Lucas | 5.31.2022

Observations From Our Construction Accounting Practice

Access resources to combat the four biggest challenges discussed at the Schneider Downs Construction Group's industry summit.
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The Pandemic’s Impact on Contractors’ Backlogs

Learn more about the financial impact on contractors' backlog due to the COVID-19 pandemic and key factors likely to generate backlog growth.

Important Tax Savings News for the Construction Industry: Meals Portion of Per Diem Rate or Allowance Now 100% Deductible for 2021 and 2022

Learn more about IRS notice 2021-63 providing construction tax savings regarding meals portion of per diem rate or allowance now 100% deductible for 2021.

Timber! The Rise and (Hopeful) Fall of Lumber Prices

Answer the question "When Will Lumber Prices Go Down" and better understand the factors accounting for the current price hike.

Heavy Equipment Dealers Increase Profitability with GPS Tracking

Learn more about the latest construction industry trends including how a GPS Tracker for Heavy Equipment being added can ensure better fleet management.
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Contractors’ Expectations Continue to Rise

Learn more about U.S. contractors' revenue expectations based on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index.

Construction Industry Opportunities for Extended Employee Retention Credit

Read more about the possible extension of the Employee Retention Credit and how it could be great news for all qualifying businesses, especially those in the construction industry.
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