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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Special Considerations in Acquisition Accounting

The ink is dry and the deal is done! Your company just made a giant leap with an acquisition in hopes of increasing the top line and boosting shareholder


Since mid-March, M&A volume has slowed dramatically as the U.S. economy shut down and state governments implemented stay-at-home orders. The chart
The two-month COVID-19 economic crisis has significantly disrupted the M&A deal market. While there are examples of transactions that have closed,

Slow Start in 2019 for Mergers and Acquisitions

According to Pitchbook’s Q1 2019 U.S. Private Equity (PE) Breakdown, there was a total of 993 deals during the first quarter of 2019, down 27.9%

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Do your company’s plans for 2019 include the potential for a merger or acquisition? If so, then it would appear you have plenty of company. Deloitte’s

Employee Benefits Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

When conducting due diligence in connection with a potential merger or acquisition, companies too frequently treat employee benefits as an afterthought.
In the world of mergers and acquisitions, it is useful to study past transactions to provide benchmarks and to understand trends in an industry. One source

Tax Treatment of Deferred Revenue in a Taxable Stock Acquisition

The general rule under Internal Revenue Code §451 is that an item of income shall be included in gross income for the taxable year or receipt unless

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