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Build Back Better Tax Legislation Update – International Tax Changes

This article summarizes the proposed changes regarding international tax provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The Build Back Better proposal will mainly affect the Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI) regime, Subpart F regime and foreign tax credit, Section 250 deduction, and Foreign-Derived Innovation Income (FDII), BEAT, and SHIELD.

IRS Releases Section 4960 Final Regulations

Learn more about the recently released IRS Section 4960 Final Regulations related to the limited-hours exception.

Use It or Lose It…Maybe: Gift Planning Considerations in an Unpredictable Election Year

In a year rife with a global pandemic, intense social justice movements, tempestuous markets and dogged allegiance to party lines, the 2020 presidential

Modification of Credit Prior Year Minimum

Learn what changes were made to the IRC Section 53(e) due to the CARES Act and impact on businesses.
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American as Baseball Games and Apple Pie – the Business Meal Deduction

Learn what limitations the IRS defines under the proposed regulations on entertainment and meal and beverage expenses.

Don’t Overlook Tax Benefits When Purchasing Construction Equipment

As construction company owners assess labor, material and equipment needs, it’s important to keep in mind that most equipment purchased for a jobsite

2020 Congressional Research Service Report on TCJA Impact on Families

Review the latest report regarding the Federal Income Tax Treatment of the Family Under the 2017 Tax Revisions.

Proposed Regulations Issued on Source of Income for Certain Sales of Personal Property

The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service recently released proposed regulations (REG-100956-19) that modify the rules for determining the source
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After the Auld Lang Syne: 2020 Estate Plan Resolutions

The ball has dropped, Auld Lang Syne's been sung, and we’ve all rushed out to sign up for that fitness membership that we've convinced ourselves

Update: Halfway There – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Guidance Catching Up

Planning for the 2019 tax season is in full swing now that the November 15 tax-exempt organization filing deadline has passed. In stark contrast to last
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