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Adam Costa

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Adam Costa | 3.24.2021

RPA Client Success Stories

Robotic process automation (RPA) technology continues to see a growing interest from companies in every industry. Business leaders have been investing
Adam Costa | 7.15.2020

Top Six Processes You Should Automate

1. Bank Transaction Recording Entering the financial transactions from your bank account to your accounting software is a mundane task, but it is probably
Adam Costa | 7.13.2020

RPA for CPAs Series: Future Impacts

As RPA replaces mundane data processing and entry tasks, accounting activity will shift to higher value analysis and design work. Automation will handle
Adam Costa | 7.7.2020

RPA for CPAs Series: Changes Underway

Learn more about RPA software that can reduce the amount of time people spend on basic data processing.
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Adam Costa | 6.29.2020

RPA for CPAs Series: Advantages to Automation

Learn about the Robotic Process Automation solutions available to CPA Firms and their clients including the use of bots for process management.
Adam Costa | 6.22.2020

RPA for CPAs Series: Bringing on Bots to Enhance a CPA’s Work

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation that com­bines traditional software user interfaces with optical character

The Second Line of Defense: An Overview

Risk management in any organization can be complex and difficult. Many companies address the complexity by adding layers of audit and governance, and when
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