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SOC 2 Examinations - What Are the Trust Services Criteria and Categories?

The 2017 Trust Services Criteria (TSC), which superseded the 2016 Trust Services Principles and Criteria (TSPC), serves as the control criteria for attestation ... read more >

Mitigating the Risk of Cyber Attacks to Your Employee Benefit Plan

From Target to Equifax to the federal government, it seems that a new cybersecurity breach makes headlines on an almost daily basis. With all these breeches, ... read more >

SOC Report Refresher: What Are the Different Types of SOC Reports?

The rise of cloud computing has played a key role with businesses that outsource certain functions to service organizations. Since such organizations are ... read more >

It's time to talk about your CYBER audit policy


By David Murphy

Imagine for a moment that your organization is hit with a malicious Trojan that your office’s Information Technology (IT) staff hasn’t noticed ... read more >

Password Spraying: Turning Brute Force Inside-Out to Crack Your Organization's Security

We have all heard of the term “brute force attack,” which refers to an attack technique in which many passwords are attempted against a single ... read more >


Ever since the mid-2000s, industries around the world constantly have one fear in the back of their mind in regards to information security: ransomware. ... read more >