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Stepping Stone for My Marketing Career

Throughout my college career, the importance of getting an internship was reiterated time and again by many of my professors. Internships can lead to future ... read more >

Yinz Go DahnTahn for an Internship n'at


By Greg McGuire

Coming into any new job you’re not sure what to expect. Schneider Downs showed us the two most important things right when we walked in: the bathroom ... read more >

Involved and Evolved

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This quote perfectly describes my ... read more >

Started From the Bottom, Now I'm Here


By Sean Edgar

For so many young professionals, college is a time of testing the waters and attempting to find your calling. Trying to pick a major that seems destined ... read more >

Summer Leadership Program

Schneider Downs was my first taste of public accounting. I had an accounting internship last summer, but it was nothing compared to this one. At Schneider ... read more >

Summer of Growth

Looking back on my internship at Schneider Downs as it is quickly ending; I can’t believe how much I have learned in such a short period of time. ... read more >

From Factory to Financial Statements

On my way up to the 17th floor on my first day of my summer internship, I was feeling an equal mix of nervousness and excitement - excited to begin my ... read more >

Roots of Steel

Between growing up in the country less than an hour from “dahn-tahn” Pittsburgh and ultimately attending nearby Westminster College for my ... read more >

On the Road with Schneider Downs

During my freshman year at Grove City College, I decided to become a member of the Accounting Society. Going into it, I wasn’t quite sure what these ... read more >

The Birthday Interview

When it came time to schedule my second- round interview with Schneider Downs, I had to choose between missing my second Tax exam and my birthday. I decided ... read more >