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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Single Audit

For entities that have never experienced a single audit before, learn more about what to expect when you are expecting a single audit.

Persistent Challenges Facing Manufacturing

Learn more about the current landscape of Manufacturing and the continued challenges manufactures are seeing.

OMB Releases 2021 Compliance Supplement

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the 2021 Compliance Supplement which is issued annually to describe the compliance requirements for organizations that received funding from a variety of federal financial assistance programs.

IRS Provides Taxpayer-Friendly Guidance for the Employee Retention Credit

Learn more about the recent IRS Guidance regarding the Employee Retention Credit, including clarity on Gross Receipts.
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COVID-19 Scams Surge with New Variants

Learn about the rise in scams related to the recent COVID-19 surge to be better prepared to identify and avoid these threats.

LIFO Liquidation Relief for Automotive Dealers

Learn more about the LIFO liquidation relief for automotive dealers due to supply chain issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will We See Charitable Gift Breaks Post 2021?

Better understand the discussions happening regarding charitable gift breaks post-2021 and what they might look like.

Pandemic Costing American Women Now and for 20 Years

Learn more about how the Covid-19 pandemic is costing American Women and the impact to be seen for years to come.
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ASU 2021-03 – Private Company and Not-For-Profit Updates to Evaluating Goodwill Impairment Triggering Events

Learn about the Financial Accounting Standards Board's recent Account Standards Update 2021-03

Moody's Releases Update on Higher Education Sector

Learn more about how private colleges and universities tackled the Coronavirus pandemic and maintained consistent operating cash flow margins consistent with years prior and how federal aid to many colleges and universities helped boost performance amid the decline in fiscal 2020 operating revenues.
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