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Estates and Trusts Tax Update - November 2021

Get the latest estates and trusts tax updates from our estate planning professionals.

2021 Retirement Plan Limitations

Review the recently released cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) as released by the Internal Revenue Service, taking effect January 1, 2021.

IRS Issues Final Regulations for Non-Grantor Trust Deductions

The IRS has issued final regulations on the deductions available to estates and non-grantor trusts. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was enacted

Financial Boot Camp Series: Maximizing Gifting and Charitable Impacts

Better understand financial planning as it relates to gifting and charitable aspirations while utilizing tax-deferred assets for gifting intentions.
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IRS Extends 2020 Rollover Period and Other Deadlines for Retirement Account RMDs

In March, the CARES Act provided taxpayers opportunity to skip this year’s (2020) required minimum distribution (RMD) from their retirement accounts.

IRS Audit Campaign: Examinations to begin on Hundreds of High-Wealth Individuals

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced in June a renewed focus on auditing high net-worth individuals and their related entities. First, there is

Use It or Lose It…Maybe: Gift Planning Considerations in an Unpredictable Election Year

In a year rife with a global pandemic, intense social justice movements, tempestuous markets and dogged allegiance to party lines, the 2020 presidential

Financial Boot Camp Series: Is Your Estate in Proper Order?

Estate planning is the process of identifying one’s assets and providing clear instruction for who receives what assets, when they receive it, and
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Financial Boot Camp Series: Financial Planning is Key to Maintaining Long-Term Balance for Retirement Planning

Learn how financial planning is key to maintaining long-term balance for retirement planning and what financial variables make up the plan.

CARES ACT – impacts on Charitable Contribution Deductions

Learn more about the impact the CARES Act has on Charitable Contribution Deductions and the new requirements for the deduction.
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